Service Times: Bible Study 9:30 Celebration Service 10:45

new life

Helping people to know the God who heals and restores.


New Life Baptist Church - Independence is a place where people can meet Jesus and engage in a life-giving community where everyone is welcome. We believe that God wants to heal and restore broken lives Come where you can find purpose and meaning.  Join us for our Sunday service or get involved in one of our New Life Groups.

Saturday Celebration

COMING SOON! Our Saturday Celebration Service in our multipurpose room (clothing closet). The purpose of this one-hour weekly service is to give people a chance to be refreshed from a busy week. The short message will give people knowledge and tools to help them face the day-to-day challenges most of us deal with. It will also be a time to connect with the members of our church and those who regularly attend our clothing closet. Want to know more?  Fill out our connect card below or call/text us at (620) 332-6802

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Service Times

Sunday Mornings

Bible Study: 9:30 am
Celebration Service: 10:45 am

Sunday Evenings

Bible Study 5:00 pm

Wednesday Evenings

Bible Study 5:00 pm

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